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Kober Spicy EFC

Whitewater paddle for ambitious paddlers with a penchant for propulsion. The stiff blades are set forward from the paddle shaft, allowing for an incredibly quick catch and thus powerful acceleration. The blades feature via a guide rib and a hydrodynamic blade back. The EFC foam core saves weight and creates very good buoyancy.

 Laminatpaddel Made in Germany    
Fiberglass laminate, EFC, set ahead
ca. 48,0 x 20,0 cm
SHAFT Fiberglass, Ø 30 mm, both sides oval  
WEIGHT ca. 960 g (197 cm)  
SPLIT T7 possible (additional charge)  
FEATHER 45° *  
LENGHT 191, 194, 197, 200, 203 cm *  

* other lenghts and feathers possible