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Touring Paddles

High-End Carbon Touring line

High-tech and top-design lead to dream-like characteristics at lowest weight. Made from high-quality, perfectly matching carbonmaterials using EFC-technology. So power can be saved and long distances will turn into unlimited fun.

Lagoon EFC

Touring paddle Lagoon EFC

Poseidon EFC

Tourenpaddel Poseidon EFC

Perfection line

This line combines modern, well-balanced designs and high-value materials. A union of super stability, low weight and top performance. Ambitious paddlers appreciate its long-life and well-balanced characteristics.

Archipel EFC

Touring paddle Archipel EFC


Touring paddle Sunset


 Touring paddle Arctic

Sports line

Enjoy free and easy leisure-time with these paddles. State-of-the-art and balanced blade-shapes, combined with the advantages of the ATT-cavity-system, guarantee excellent characteristics and perfect function. This line provides extraordinary long-life paddles at a low price.

Balance ATT

Touring paddle Balance ATT

Lago ATT Light

Touring paddle Lago ATT Light

Yukon ATT

 Touring paddle Yukon ATT

Lago ATT

 Touring paddle Lago ATT

Baltic ATT

Touring paddle Baltic ATT

Koala ATT

Touring paddle Koala ATT

more touring paddles by Moll


Sports Line Kajak Polo


Sports Line Kajak Eldorado


Sports Line Kajak Grizzly


Sports Line Kajak Polo - Hersteller Moll


Sports Line Kajak Polo


kayak paddle Easy


kayak paddle Kombination