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Whitewater paddles

High End carbon line

These paddles with their light-weight, but durable blades are simply captivating because of their uniquely precise performance, which can hardly be topped. Exact paddle-strokes without fluttering or torquing. Only the best types of carbon, aramid and fiberglass are being used. High-value integrated aluminium and Dynel® protective-edges reduce abrasion and stiffen the blades. The series for the demanding sportsperson!

Carving C

whitewater carbon paddle Carving C

Scorpion Evolution EFC

whitewater paddle Rebell EFC

Perfection line

This line combines modern, well-balanced designs and high-value materials. A union of super stability, low weight and top performance. Ambitious paddlers appreciate its long-life and well-balanced characteristics.

Zombie Evolution EFC

whitewater paddle Zombie Evolution EFC

Vulcano EFC

whitewater paddle Vulcano EFC foam core


whitewater paddle azul laminate

Sports line

Enjoy free and easy leisure-time with these paddles. State-of-the-art and balanced blade-shapes, combined with the advantages of the ATT-cavity-system, guarantee excellent characteristics and perfect function. This line provides extraordinary long-life paddles at a low price.


whitewater paddle Energy


whitewater paddle active


whitewater paddle flame


whitewater paddle soul


whitewater paddle speedy kids children junior


whitewater spare paddle reserve aluminium shaft

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