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Accessories for canoe and kayak paddles

Drip rings

HELP! My paddle drips!
This is a common problem for touring paddlers and can be especially uncomfortable on long tours or cold weather.
Drip rings on your paddle shaft help to prevent water from dripping down your arms or into your kayak. The best position for the drip rings is between 10 - 15 cm below the join between paddle shaft and blade. The drip rings work best when the water runs down the paddle shaft and drips off when it meets the drip ring.


Dripring split

Zubehör Tropfring geteilt

The brilliantly simple solution for one piece paddles.
Super elastic, translucent. Is clamped onto the shaft.

Dripring retrofit

Zubehör Tropfring retrofit

Deep shaped drop ring which prevents water from running down your paddle shaft. Easy to retrofit, no tools required. Suitable for 30 mm shaft.

Dripring one piece

Zubehör Tropfringe ungeteilt

Made from elastic plastic, black. Fits split paddles with 30mm shafts.

Kober & Moll drip rings are designed for paddle shafts with a diameter of 30mm. They also work well on shafts which are slightly smaller. If they are warmed in hot water they will even fit onto shafts with a greater diameter, making them suitable for nearly every paddle.

Kober Paddle Bags

High-value foam padded paddle bag to protect your precious paddles during transport. It also prevents your car from getting damaged inside. Made from extra tough fabrics to take up to 3 paddles. Padded internal sleeves protect your blades from hits and abrasion. With heavy duty zipper running all the way through, address pane and attached pocket for accessories and to store the removable shoulder strap. Silver-grey/red.

Paddle Bag Kayak Paddles

Kober Paddeltasche Doppelpaddel

For 3 touring kayak paddles up to 240 cm
For 3 whitewater kayak paddles up to 210 cm

Paddle Bag Dragon Boat Paddles

Kober Paddeltasche Drachenboot

For 2 dragon boat paddles up to 130 cm

Paddle Bag Canoe Paddles

Kober Paddeltasche Stechpaddel

For 3 canoe paddles up to 160 cm