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Kober Nahanni

Kanupaddel Wildwasser Nahanni

The Nahanni is a beautiful and masterfully crafted WW canoe paddle. The shaft is glued from three layers
of wood to increase strength, the blade is protected by a PU edge and covered in a thin layer of glass fibre. The T-grip allows for precise control of the paddle.


Nahanni reinforced

This special version of the Nahanni paddle is built exactly the same but features an extra fibreglass reinforcement on the bottom half of the shaft, this protects the shaft from hard hits and wear and tear, making it very robust and long-lasting.

APPLICATION whitewater, touring
COLOUR brownish wooden colours
BLADE MATERIAL   cedar, cherry, butternut
EDGE PU-resin edge circumferantial
SHAFT ash, cedar, cherry, glued, ø 30 mm, oval, conical
HANDLE T-spade grip
WEIGHT ca. 845 g (150 cm)
LENGTH uncut, handle separate
BLADE SIZE 49,0 x 23,0 cm