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Reservepaddel Wildwasser Kober

This 4-piece spare paddle fits even into the smallest boat. One spare paddle per group is recommended for WW paddling. Left and right handed feather. Made from durable polyamide in ATT cavity system. Comes in a sturdy net bag.

APPLICATION whitewater, spare paddle
COLOUR mango
BLADE MATERIAL   polyamide + glassfibre, in ATT
SHAFT STRAIGHT alu, Ø 30 mm, oval
FEATHER 45° R/L or 60° R/L
WEIGHT ca. 1220 g
LENGTH 200 cm, packing length: 67 cm
BLADE SIZE  43,0 x 19,7 cm
SPLIT 3 x T1

Reservepaddel im Sack  Reservepaddel für Wildwasser