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Kober Energy ATT

Kober Energy carbonverstärkt
The top model of the ATT-whitewater-series!
Reinforced polyamide (Nylon®) with carbon provides impact-resistance, durability and lowest weight. With the precision and stiffness of a composite-paddle and its sophisticated hydrodynamics without impairing ridges and edges, you will always have the power for the perfect line, even in trickiest whitewater.
APPLICATION whitewater
COLOUR black
BLADE MATERIAL   polyamide + carbon fibre, in ATT
SHAFT STRAIGHT carbon, fibreglass, Ø 30 mm, oval
WEIGHT ca. 950 g
LENGTH 194-203 cm, in steps of 3 cm
BLADE SIZE 45,0 x 19,6 cm
SPLIT T7 possible (only 30mm shaft straight) (surcharge)