Innovation since 1886

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Kober - Innovation since 1886

Kober was founded in 1886, which makes it the world’s oldest paddle manufacturer. At Kober, extraordinary success, outstanding quality and state-of-the-art technologies are tradition.

Developing our products, we are especially relying on the extensive knowledge and vast experience of those who use our products on the water every day: Olympic Champions, World Champions, specialists in whitewater, touring, rodeo and slalom as well as expedition paddlers.

Kober Paddel 125 Jahre

You can also profit from paddling the Champions’ Paddles and enjoy with Kober paddles:


perfect functionality

Why Kober & Moll?


The brand Kober (since 1886) exists in the fith generaton right now and is producing high quality paddles, in many different technologies.

Hartmut Moll was founding the brand Moll in 1986. He was developing plastic paddles with until then unknown functionality and lightweight.

Through the fusion of Kober and Moll one of the advanced and competent paddle manufacturer of the world was born. As tradition and longtime know-how from Kober and a high innovation with modern production processes by Moll came together power and synergies can be used.

Creative head is Hartmut Moll. He optimizes products and technologies for more than 40 years and is still on his way to find out how to produce paddles with more functionality, durability and reliability.

The Kober & Moll Team wishes you all the fun living our common passion and many intense experiences in nature with your Kober paddle!