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Baltic ATT

Tourenpaddel Baltic weiss
Tourenpaddel Baltic gelb

This specially designed, less wind-prone blade-shape allows for effortless and silent low-angle paddling  even on longer trips. Lightweight, durable, well-proven. You can choose from a saltwater-resistant aluminum-shaft or a flexing anti-fatigue fiberglass-shaft.

Flache Paddeltechnik
APPLICATION seakayak, touring, long distance
COLOUR white or yellow
BLADE MATERIAL   polypropylene + fibreglass, in ATT
SHAFT STRAIGHT aluminium or fibreglass, Ø 30 mm, oval
WEIGHT alu ca. 1080 g / glass ca. 980 g
LENGTH 215, 220, 230, 240 cm
BLADE SIZE 45,0 x 17,9 cm
SPLIT T1, T2, T7, T8