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Kober Lagoon EFC

Tourenpaddel Lagoon EFC - Hersteller Kober
Tourenpaddel Lagoon EFC - Hersteller Kober

High-end long-distance paddle of high-value carbon. The exclusive, light-as-a-feather EFC technology and mediumsized blades guarantee anti-fatigue, relaxed paddling. The hydrodynamically perfectly designed back provides a perceptibly smooth catch and release. A dream of weight and performance.

Touring paddle for low angle style.

Flache Paddeltechnik

Also available with an Ergo-shaft which has positive impact to joints. 

APPLICATION Touring, Long Distance
COLOUR carbon
SHAFT STRAIGHT carbon superlight, ø 30 mm, one side oval
ERGO SHAFT carbon, ø 30 mm, neutral, oval
WEIGHT ca. 605 g at 220 cm
WEIGHT ERGO ca. 750 g at 220 cm
LENGTH 215, 220, 230, 240 cm
BLADE SIZE 49,5 cm x 17,5 cm
SPLIT T7 (only 30mm shaft straight) (surcharge)