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Kober Rebell EFC

whitewater paddle Rebell EFC
whitewater paddle Rebell EFC blade

Our top end white water paddle with powerful, hydrodynamic shaped blades that are set forward from the paddle shaft. The shape and position of the blade enable an efficient catch right from the moment the paddle enters the water. Flutter free and with a stable blade shape combined with high buoyancy foam core allow for very efficient paddle strokes. This paddle is ideal for boater cross racing and powerful aerated white water.

For Boatercross authorized paddle.

COLOUR carbon
BLADE MATERIAL   Carbon, EFC, Dynel®, blades set forward
SHAFT STRAIGHT  Carbon, Ø 30 mm, both sides oval
WEIGHT SHAFT ca. 970 g (197 cm)
LENGTH 194-203 cm, in steps of 3cm
BLADE SIZE 48,5 x 20,5 cm
SPLIT T7 possible (surcharge)