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Viper EFC

Viper Slalom paddle
Slalom paddle Viper with Ergo shaft

Many slalom pros swear by it. Minimal drag due to a  hydrodynamically perfect back side (enormously fast responding) turns it into a weapon in the gates and into one of the most balanced slalom paddles ever designed by Kober. With aluminum protective edge. Available in two blade sizes: L, M

COLOUR carbon
BLADE MATERIAL   Carbon, Aramid, Alu-edge, EFC
SHAFT STRAIGHT Carbon, Fibreglass: L Ø 30 mm, M Ø 29 mm, oval
ERGO SHAFT Carbon, Aramid, Ø 30 mm, Power-Ergo, oval
FEATHER 45°, 55° R/L
WEIGHT ca. 910 g
WEIGHT ERGO ca. 990 g
LENGTH 194-204 cm, in steps of 2 cm
BLADE SIZE L: 46,5 x 20,5 cm, M: 46,5 x 19,7 cm
Viper EFC Slalom paddle